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Cash with you

And finally, keep in mind to carry a certain amount of cash with you, this will help you pay those small expenses that you can not do with your credit card, such as tips, buying some crafts, among others.

Camera and videos

Camera and videos, you cannot miss a good camera to take pictures of the best moments of your vacation. If you already have one, make sure the battery is full and the memory empty, do not forget to take the charger to the trip.


Luggage, we have a serious difficulty to choose the size of luggage, it is always advisable not to travel with excesses. So ideally, if your vacation lasts a week or less, the size should be medium, taking into account that you should not fill the suitcase for that unforeseen...

Check your travel documents

Check your travel documents, If you travel will be out of the country, you have to make sure you have all the necessary documents and in force before the trip like: passports, visas, identification credentials or another document you need, remember if you travel with your...

Be Wary

Be Wary It is true that when you go on vacation you do not expect to need a doctor, but it is better to be prepared for any unforeseen circumstances, so once you know where you will travel, take time to locate the nearest health centers and have Telephone numbers on hand, or you...

Anticipate the high season and reserve

Anticipate the high season and reserve with anticipation, because in high season, it is necessary to make all your reservations in time, either the hotel accommodation or flight tickets, bus tickets or if you choose to rent a car, usually in high season the availability of these...

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