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We are happy to make you happier

We mentioned 10 reasons why traveling will make you happier, so always travel with CATTOURS, because we are happy to make you feel happy!
"Why Traveling Is Important", weitten by David Cantone in life. We can consider traveling it is one of the best investments we can make. Traveling has never been so easy and economical as now, and however busy we are there is always a time that we can use for a trip. And if you do not find that time, then you have a problem, because not being more busy is more productive, rather the opposite, who is very busy is almost always not very productive. As Socrates said: "Beware of the unproductiveness of a busy life."
  • 1. Enjoy Life

    As we travel, we discover and experience new things, many of which make us enjoy life differently than we were accustomed to. I do not want to say that one does not enjoy life when isn’t traveling, or need to travel to enjoy life, but it is true that when one travels decide to travel do things not usually do. • Discover and taste new flavors and smells, especially with food. • Enjoy different landscapes to the known and the architecture and monuments of the place. • Outdoor activities you have not done before, and you like. When we travel, as we are in a new place, which we may not visit again in a long time, and may even never, we "forced" to do many things, that to live in that place surely would not.
  • 2. Know yourself better

    Knowing oneself well is key to being able to lead a happy life. To do this, we need to do two things: (1) expose us to new things; and (2) to introspective work, in the sense of reflecting and thinking about us, our life and what we want from this. However, because of the daily hustle, the occupations and the routine that drags us, few are the ones who dedicate the necessary time to these two tasks. Traveling is the excuse and the perfect opportunity to do so.
  • 3. Value More Than You Have

    Until you stop having something you do not value it in its right measure. Being outside what we would call home, away from certain amenities and people we want, makes us appreciate them more when we return.
  • 4. Growing as a Person

    Traveling is a constant challenge. Especially if you travel alone. Simply because you are the one who makes the decisions and the only one responsible for its consequences.
  • 5. Stimulate and Develop Your Brain

    In short, our neurons can increase or decrease connections with other neurons, and can connect with new neurons with those that did not connect before, and stop being connected with other neurons that were. And even new neurons can form, which is known as neurogenesis. Numerous studies conducted suggest that this poses a challenge learning can lead to brain tissue develop in a similar way as the exercise develops muscle tissue. That is, when we learn new things that challenge us or carry out regular practice of new activities for us, we are training the brain, giving rise to the neuroplasticity discussed above. Therefore, learning the streets and taking a mental map of the city you are in, learning a new language, playing an instrument, exercising, meditating, and even playing video games are some of the activities that promote neuroplasticity, Stimulate our brain and even give rise to new neurons. The 3 key to train and stimulate the brain elements: (1)New. (2)Variety. (3) Challenge.
  • 6. You gain confidence

    No need to climb Everest to gain confidence. With that we overcome small challenges is enough to begin to notice its effect on our confidence. When you propose something and you fulfill your confidence increases, however small the challenge. When you have done well and you and others recognize it, the more you increase your confidence. Traveling is the perfect exercise to work your confidence in yourself, because you will find a path full of challenges and challenges. It will be a controlled exposure to different tests you will have to face and overcome like it or not, especially if you travel alone. Over time, and after overcoming all these trials and challenges, as you will not trust yourself, you will only have to look back and realize everything you have already done, without anyone's help.
  • 7. Expand Your Perspective

    Getting in touch with other cultures and other people allows you to know how others live, think and, in general, their view of things. It expands your perspective, because you realize that there is not a single way of seeing and doing things, and that in other places they live differently than you are accustomed to.
  • 8. Learn Languages

    When you travel abroad, unless you speak the same language as you or you speak yours, you will not have other than express yourself in English. Regardless of whether your level is good or bad will be your only way to communicate. Well, that and the use of signs and gestures, a language by itself. Of course, if you travel with others and those speak better than you the local language or English, chances are you leave them the responsibility of communicating for you. Unfortunately, in doing so, you are wasting a very good opportunity to master your use of another language, and to test and expand your comfort zone, things I have already discussed above.
  • 9. It Makes You More Interesting

    Travel is an inexhaustible source of anecdotes and stories, that without you to propose you will emerge in your conversations with other people. In addition, due to the natural curiosity of the human being, everything you do or say related to something that others do not know and learned or experienced abroad, will be heard or seen with great interest by the other person.
  • 10. Meet New People

    The human being is a social animal. We need to get in touch with other people. It is one thing to travel alone and quite another to be alone all the time without talking to anyone. One of the nice (and beneficial) things about traveling is being able to meet people from other cultures and have conversations about your vision of things in general, or about any subject you are interested in knowing your particular opinion. The point is to do your part, ignore shyness and fear of rejection and start conversations.That whatever has to happen.

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